Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Setting things up

Everyone got down to Daytona and once Grand-Am let the rigs park and the crews in, got down to business. Theres some new cool stuff, from the transporter for the 6 car to the new stanchions for the 60 car. Looks like the team will work out of the 38 and 39 pit stalls for the race, which is good news because it’s not another area code separating the pits and the garages.

The crew is getting everything set up, and most of the drivers are here or on their way-PT is still testing down at Sebring and HCN is also getting warmed up with another race car.

Leigh Diffy, who was on the broadcast team for Speed Channel in 2004, has returned from Australia and will once again bring his excitement for the sport to the race broadcasts. Welcome back, Leigh!

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